Chapter 4 – Rise of death and magic

Before the fall of the old ones, many had formed cults in their service. These Cults of Death were fervent disciples of the old one’s dark will. They would select worthy sacrifices and perform rituals that could appease their lords. These cults received the favor of the old ones, and through practice and dedication, were granted the dark powers of their lords. Many feared the evil within the Cults of Death, that was until the new gods defeated the old gods.

When Odin cast down the final old god, the cults found themselves in complete disfavor in the new world. Many were slain by uprising Nordic warriors, while other fled into hiding. Few were acquitted of their crime, and many more remained loyal even to their death, for dying was only the beginning for these wicked peoples.

Clan Daupuz, followers of the old ones, beseeched Odin that they might be spared the punishments dealt to many of the other cults. In exchange for grace, Clan Daupuz was to live in seclusion on to a hidden fjord. Many forgot the old ways, fearful that the new gods would change their mind. Some still held to the old traditions and customs, but most gave up the fanatical ways of the past. That means, except for the Cult of Death whom considered the others to be cowards. These fanatics fled deep into caves, plotting and praying with the weakened old gods. These prayers sustained the old ones little, but it was enough to ensure they were not forgotten. The time for their powers to rise would come soon again.