Chapter 3 – Legacy of Deathbringer

In the battle between mortals and gods, a legendary artifact was forged by a mysterious divine being from the essence of the realm of death itself. Death Bringer, powerful enough to strike through the material and celestial planes, wielded by Odin himself to strike down the old gods, and become the Allfather. He then presented the axe to the realm of Midgard so that the mortals might be able to protect themselves should the old gods ever rise to power again.

There was an unforeseen attribute of this mighty artifact. When the old ones were struck by its steel, fragments of their souls seeped into the blade. Now, those who wield it often hear the whispers of the old gods, and those who are weak of spirit may fall under their control. For this reason, Death Bringer has been held in security so that only the worthiest warrior may wield it.