Chapter 5 – The betrayer

For many, the temptation of power is a hard vice to resist. Some people are born weaker of spirit and are easy prey for those whose claws wrap around them. This was the tragedy of The Betrayer. Never a strong warrior, nor well liked friend, The Betrayer found comfort in the whispers that came from Death Bringer. Tasked to maintain the temple, The Betrayer could spend many nights conversing with the voice of Death Bringer. Sure, the clan had warned about the evil trapped within, but that mattered little to one who had little.

It was through a promise of power, a brokered deal with the Cults of Death, and a blood oath from The Betrayer, that the legendary artifact was stolen and handed over to the cult and the Fits of the old gods rippled through the Fjord.

As a final task by the old gods, The Betrayer was disguised as a new person, set to sabotage the will of Odin’s sympathizers and make way for the will of death. Power swelled in The Betrayer’s body and soul, granting them will over death and unmatched fighting prowess.