Hi, my name is Julian, i study business informatics in Germany and am developing Clan of Death.

I try to put every free minute into developing the game so it will be the best it can possibly be.

If you are interested in the game and it’s development feel free to contact me or to join discord.

You can support me by:
– Joining the discord server.
– Adding the game to you steam wishlist.
– Asking for an beta-key and giving me feedback about the game (Because it’s a multyplayer, every few weeks we meet to play together. Join discord for more information).
– Donating via PayPal to

Donate via PayPal

News about the development every sometimes:

The game is in and and good beta state with nearly no bugs and no missing core features.
I am currently working on some marketing and smaller things like error messages when losing the connection, lobby passwords and more skins.

Today is launchday!
The Game has been finished since a while and today, Clan of Death will be avaiable via Steam.
Updates for some bug-fixes and additional content will follow!

Join discord and find groups to play in the “looking-forlobby” channel!

Check out my new website about all of my games: