About the Game

In a nutshell:

Clan of Death is a 5-8 Player traitor game and perfect for some fun with your friends.

You play as the remnants of a Viking clan that must recover a legendary weapon, repair a ship and find supplies in an undead-infested fjord to sail away from this cursed place.
The players must prevent regular waves of the undead from destroying the ship and watch out for a traitor, who is among the group of Vikings and can transform himself into a cultist who rules over the dead and want’s sabotage the Vikings’ quest.

The Vikings have won as soon as all the errands have been completed and all the Vikings are at the ship to cast off.
The cultist wins as soon as all players have died or their ship has been destroyed by the undead.

Quick guide:

The goal of the Viking group is to escape from the fjord with the boat. Since the way is blocked with an icy barrier, which can be opened only with the legendary weapon Deathbringer, and the undead of the fjord try to destroy the ship in regular waves, it is not so easy.
Your troupe also suspects that there is a traitor among you.
So, all in all, there are 5 core things to do:
1. repair the ship
2. collect resources for the journey
3. defend the ship from the attacking undead.
4. beware of the traitor, who could betray you at any time
5. recover Deathbringer

Since you are at best 8 players and hopefully no one is afk, you could / must share the tasks:
To repair the ship and fill it with resources, you have to collect food and repair parts, which are spread on the map and bring them to the ship.
This works very well between breaks during zombie waves or when you are looking for Deathbringer with full inventory near the ship.

The undead waves can generally be handled by two players, but you need at least 2 players to fight the traitor, more like 3. So this is a bit tricky …
So a good split would be 2-3 people defending the ship and 1-2 people searching for resources near the ship, while the rest are salvaging Deathbringer.

Deathbringer can be found on one of 4 shrines, that are marked at the map.
In different areas some notes of the cult can be found, which give clues to where the axe is located.

If you stand in front of the shrine with the axe, you will notice that it is quite well guarded. At this point, it is very likely that the traitor will turn into a cultist and stab you in the back.

Once you have completed all the tasks, it’s time to return to the ship and finally leave the cursed island!