Chapter 2 – History of the new gods

The accounts are unclear as to how the new gods came to power over the nine realms. Some accounts claim they were demi-born spawn of the old gods. Others say the new gods were forged from their own will and brought to bear new and wonderful power to face the old gods. Whatever the truthful history, the likes of Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya would come to the aid of the nine realms and win the hearts of mortals. It was the love of mortals that gave energy to greater beings, and a calf might give life to a man.

As humanity turned from the old lords and embraced these new ones, the old gods fell from their influence of the realm of Midgard. These dark beings were so distraught with jealousy, that a war was fought across the realms and heavens, until it was certain Ragnarök had come to break apart reality and cast all mortals into Helheim.

However, Odin and Thor rallied the forces of the realms and overtook the old ones and a clash of fury and light. Through victory, the new age began, and peace formed… for most.