Lore Summary

Clan Daupuz (Clan of Death) is a isolated clan in a hidden fjord, which, unlike the other Vikings, still worships the Old Gods in addition to the New Gods. Some people among them have split off into a cult that fanatically worships only the Old Gods, which is why they consider Clan Daupuz unworthy.

Because of the deeper connection to the Old Gods, the cult has been able to explore their magic. However, they need the legendary axe Deathbringer to use it to its full potential.

When the cult finally came into possession of Deathbringer, they unleashed the wrath of the old gods and reawakened the dead that lay beneath the earth to fight alongside them against Clan Daupuz.

Clan Dapuz had to flee because of the powerful magic of the cultists and the masses of undead, and retreated without supplies to an island in the fjord.

One of the cultists, with his new magical abilities, shapeshifted into a fallen Viking and sneaked among the clan during the escape, so that he can strike at the right moment. The cult wants to prevent at all costs the escape of the unworthy clan under whose shadow they had to live for generations.

Clan Daupuz wanted to leave the fjord, but with the power of Deathbringer, the cult sealed the way out of the fjord with an ice barrier.

So now, in order to escape, the few remnants of Clan Daupuz dock at the fjord one last time. They have to repair the ships that were badly damaged in the battle, gather resources for the long journey and, above all, find Deathbringer and recover it back in the ship so that they can finally leave this cursed place ….